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You can only add a link to your site in the BIO to your site and also your social profiles. We love authors with Google+ profiles or Facebook profile. The most interesting articles are ones that tell a personal story. We’re not looking to hire full-time employees.

Maybe you love that she is such a giving person or he is so kind to everyone he meets. Add a personal touch by referencing an inside joke, Write something that winks toward sexiness without getting explicit, Use adoring phrases but don’t dive too deep into the heavy love stuff. You’ll find helpful ideas in both sections below, but if your relationship is new, you’ll probably want to stick with the low-pressure, sweet, fun version in the first section. Get our best stories straight to your inbox, read exclusive online content, and follow what happens at Orion between issues. I suggest writing down a list of things that you love about him. Think about the general message you want to either tell him or the world – ask yourself, am I writing this to describe my S/O or to tell him I love him?

Tell him or her all the things you love about them and how you value who they are and what they do for you.Think about what your significant other is to you? Make a list of everything you appreciate and adore about your partner. We’re dedicated to helping freelance writers succeed. We send you reviews of freelance writing companies, assignments, and articles to help build your writing career.


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Studies had shown that writing introspectively on a regular basis can lead to lowered blood pressure, improved liver function and even the accelerated healing of postoperative wounds. The study’s subjects had been told to write for short periods each day about turbulent emotional experiences. YourTango is an online magazine that offers love and relationship advice to women. They seek personal essays, service pieces, and reported articles from freelancers.

If you don’t know what your partner’s love language is, Post-It notes are a great place to start. There’s no better way to say, “I love you” than by putting pen to paper and writing out a good old-fashioned love letter. You helped me feel the deep heart connection that nurtures us and reminds us to see each other with new eyes. Sometimes, when people find out I no longer belong to an institutionalized religion after almost becoming an Episcopal priest they ask me, But don’t you miss the sense of something bigger than you? And I always want to say, Have you been outside? If we let it, the world can serve the same relativizing function that true transcendence can.

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