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Properly reference all data, research your conclusions and take a critical look at the external content mentioned in the article. As you check, you’ll get a concrete sense of the kinds of positive, constructive, and actionable posts we seek. Link to recent research or media coverage of the subject matter if appropriate.

He is a regular contributor to SEMrush, Ahrefs, Search Engine Watch, Hubspot, Smart Insights, and several other publications. The photographs you provide must not violate any intellectual property rights. When you save the photographs, you must give them a suitable name. If you want to include an infographic in the article, you must provide the code. We will not republish an article that has already been published elsewhere.


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The title must convey what is in the body of the article. To be precise, the title is the reflection of the article. You can choose the topic that is highly beneficial for the students who want to pursue their career in that particular field and also search engine friendly. No user would show interest in reading the article that has an unimpressive or vague title. Post title plays a critical role in improving the readability. If you are interested in writing a guest post on our website, you must follow a procedure.

We like relevant, well-researched posts (preferably 600–1200 words) with actionable tips. Educatory Times is the definitive career guidance portal for students aspiring to pursue higher education both in India and abroad. It offers comprehensive information on colleges, courses and exams, besides providing latest news and updates on the education sector. The portal also houses an active community of students and professionals who come together to discuss issues related to careers and higher education. Educatory Times is the go-to destination for anyone seeking reliable information and insights on pursuing a successful career. Any educational topic like technology, science, modern art, history, etc.

However, you can can include the link of your organization or product inside the article in a suitable way. You must submit at least 1 relevant image in a separate file. You can include the image in the article but must send the image as an attachment as well.

If you are submitting a digest, check “guest digest” at the bottom of the form. The links need to be from different sources, and not just from one group or company. ProProfs.com invites contributions in the form of online education guest posts. Keeping that in mind, we have laid down a few guidelines on how to write and submit a guest post on education. To avoid plagiarism in your education guest posts, follow some guidelines.

No user would be interested in reading an article with an uninspiring or ambiguous title. The post title is very important in enhancing readability. Through these keywords you can find your sites and get publish the content on the webmaster sites. If we publish your guest post, you will retain copyright of your post. We only ask that you link back to our page where your guest post is featured, and mention that the post was originally published on learningscientists.org. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please read the info on this page carefully and then fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

If you’re passionate about a subject and want to share your knowledge, becoming a contributor is a great way to do that. It’s easy to get started, and you can make a difference in the lives of others. As a contributor, you can help people learn about your interests, and make the world a better place. Hope you are looking for the article submission on Autohexa.com. If yes then you are in right place and we are happy to inform you that we are now accepting articles from our readers. Our editorial team will discuss your pitch, and if we accept it, we’ll ask you to share a draft of your post.

A do-follow link is allowed if placed contextually in the article, it should lead to a blog or article and not to a company promotion or endorsement of any kind. The content should be attractive and well-structured with the use of short paragraphs, bullet points, images, videos, etc. The content should be data-driven, well-researched, grammatically correct, 100% unique and completely free from plagiarism of any kind. Here is a list of the niches that you can choose from while writing content for Ezyschooling. Section is just the right place to use your writing as a tool to showcase your knowledge while helping others out.

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