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When your backlinks are higher and more powerful than your competitors, you can outrank them in several keywords. Moreover, you have to notice the website’s domain authority, page authority, and spam score before sending your pitches. If that website’s metrics are reasonable, you can land guest posts and increase your website’s authority. If you decide you would like to write for us and have something to offer our readership, please fill out the form on right to send your guest post submission. Please include the draft and a link to your social media profile. Contributors should submit the guest blog posts after reading the guest post guidelines.

You can not publish it on some other weblog web page or your website. If we locate the identical article on different websites so we are able to remove it without delay, take away it. The most important thing is if you are really want to submit a guest post related to heal… You can take the advantage to be on the top of our website page as we are accepting blogs by our users.


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You agree on a condition for publication – to mention you as the author of the post or to incorporate a backlink to your site into text. Therefore, the process discussed above is one of the best tools to promote your site on the Internet. Interested in partnering or collaborating with MakeAnAppLike?

It will help you choose the right topic and content idea. We will review and post your content within 2 Business Days. Your spin and copied content will not be accepted and we have the right to reject your content. We suggest including images in your article, but make sure you do not use copyrighted images and that you have sufficient permission to use them. If we think it’s the right fit, we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps and anything else we need to publish your post.

Developer Gang provides an excellent opportunity to all passionate writers who are looking to be a regular writer. Our site is for all tech enthusiasts who aim to provide all technology knowledge, technology hacks, tips and information. If you think you can provide quality content on Technology Write For Us.

Bloggers may be powerful people, and their posts account for a significant percentage of online debate. What is the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind when looking for a solution or information on a particular topic in technology? To help you traverse the article, below is the table of contents. Reading Sections A to D should tell you if our blog is a good fit for you. 1 link per 300 words is ideal, max 3-4 linksin total. The articles should be easily readable and divided into sections with subheadings.

However if you are beginner then our suggestion is to seek some thoughts from forbes or wikipedia too. There are various blogging ideas through that you can enhance your writing skills. Don’t be disrupted or worried if in beginning you can’t find any place or blogging platform to submit your content or article.

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