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As a well-respected knowledge source for parents and their kids in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, we publish hundreds of engaging stories each month. We are looking for writers who are comfortable writing reviews of different stories that might appeal to our readers, all of which cover Baby & Parenting a newborn. ADDitude is “required reading for anyone touched by ADHD — plain & simple,” according to its website. It’s dedicated to providing resources to both families and adults. The popular website PopSugar is looking for people to become members of their Voices community, and topics they love include parenting essays and hacks.

They should also be clear, high-resolution pictures and fit the site’s standard. You can include 3 to 4 images to further bolster your point. Oh yeah, and be a fan before submitting, okey-dokey? Email notifications, Twitter, and Facebook are a must.

If something requires too many edits, our team will likely pass. In short, we’re looking for funny, honest, smart, creative parents with strong writing and grammar skills that have a tale to tell. We would LOVE to share your story with our Beneke community. Avoid these common mistakes that first time parents make and have your baby sleeping through the night in no time! Learn the importance of a consistent sleep routine, early bedtimes, and more with these helpful tips from an experienced mom.

After the submission of the article, you may not publish it to any other resources, including paper or electronic means. To make the article more readable please include subheadings and spaced out paragraphs. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar should be impeccable. We reserve the right to edit for content and clarity, doing our best to preserve your voice.

It’s focused on PTO members in K-8 schools and covers topics including fundraising, parental participation in education, playground projects and leadership. A leading digital magazine for adoptive families, this title is often looking for writers to provide helpful articles and resources for topics relating to adoption. But put a little elbow grease into it, and you’ll find plenty of parenting blogs and magazines that compensate well for good writing.

If we run your post on Muscogee Moms, we retain the rights to that content. We don’t allow republishing on your own blog or any other website, without our express permission. We are looking for original, highly relatable content that is useful to our readers. Our tone is friendly, encouraging, open-minded, and professional. I also have a large following on the social media sites Twitter and Facebook, so your articles will reach a large audience quickly. Do not send us an article that has been submitted elsewhere unless you have formally withdrawn it .

We pride ourselves on the readability of articles on our site and will like you to keep up with that tradition. To improve readability, include a headline and write short sentences and paragraphs. However, articles that require a lot of editing or grammatical errors will be rejected. Please only submit articles free of grammar errors to hasten the publishing time. However, posts with fillers and fluff added to meet the word limit will be equally rejected. We also welcome Freelance Writers Who have had experience in the subject area and are willing to contribute vital information to trending topics on parenting.


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Put the people reading this at the forefront of your mind. Mum blogs about days in, days out, disasters and delightful little monsters. This will improve the site’s quality and make it a fulling experience for everyone.

Publish and promote your original ideas, insights, tips, and suggestions. You’ve got the passion, experience, and skills – we’ve got the platform to get your voice heard. Imperfectly Perfect Mama is receiving around 1500 visitors a day. This will help get your mom blog exposure with a new audience. Everything written here has to be based on an actual opinion and can’t simply be someone saying something nice cos someone paid them for it. This will build trust between writers and readers, proving satisfying to both readers and writers.

Guest blogging on similar niche blogs is the perfect place for you to increase your page authority on Google. Our guest posting service is the fastest and easiest way to get relevant, 100% natural, in-content links to your website. Guest posts and articles submitted by contributors will be considered for publication by Beenke’s editorial staff. When your blog post is published on Imperfectly Perfect Mama, go ahead and share it on all of your social media profiles. You may include up to three backlinks to relevant posts on your website. A magazine written by writers living in Arizona for parents raising children there, Raising Arizona Kids focuses on articles that provide local resources and support.

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