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If an article idea is interesting, we will look into it. If we don’t respond to your pitch for an idea, you need to assume we denied your application. Dear future contributors, we are happy to see you reading this piece and starting your journey into writing for us an Engaio article. We reserve the right to not publish articles that do not meet our guidelines and edit articles as needed. Be well-researched and fully supported with numbers, metrics, and other statistical measurements of success.

You can also include photos to show what you can do. Ceros’ about us page is interactive and engaging. As you scroll, you see a timeline of the company’s achievements since the year 2006. Next, there’s the awesome design of awards the company has received. This positions Ceros as the choice brand for potential job seekers. Further down, you’ll find four core values, how the business generates revenue, and more details about the team behind the scenes.

Before submitting your blog to Outreach Monks, please read the following instructions carefully. Once your blog is published on our website, we will send you a courtesy email. Then from there, we hope that you share, post, and promote your own blog as well to drive more traffic.

Only pre-approved topics going to be reviewed or published. MarketingProfs is a rich and trusted resource that offers actionable know-how to help you market your products and services both smarter and better. If you submit an article that mentions businesses or companies in which you have a vested interest, disclose as much to us and the audience. Include relevant links immediately preceding the words to be linked ; do not embed the links in the anchor text . If you use the phrase “when it comes to” in your article, especially more than once, you’re just giving us a reason to not accept your article for publication.

The submitted article has to be at least 1,500 words in length. An article can be longer if the article requires it. We always prefer a more in-depth look at a topic. You need to apply for each article you want to publish on our platform. Apply to write for us to showcase your expertise on our website.


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We’re providing an opportunity for passionate writers and industry professionals to write insightful articles on different topics about Digital Marketing. When conducting research for a blog post, be sure to pull quotes from other sources that can help to enhance your piece. Including quotes from other sources in your blog can help to add credibility to your writing. Remember that you are informing the reader, not lecturing them.

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