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It is not only useful for finding ultimate topic ideas for your guest posts but also can be used for analyzing other websites where you want to publish your guest posts. If you’re looking for a place to submit a guest post, consider the pink oatmeal guest post site. They accept guest posts on a variety of topics that are relevant to their readers.


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The more time you spend on researching, the better quality of guest posts you can create. Coupon Toaster is a health guest post site that welcomes health-oriented content from writers who want to spread the good word about healthcare. We need writers who are passionate about the health field, who have a knack for writing and can deliver healthful articles. Another way to increase domain authority is to create and submit to health-related guest-post sites. Adding a healthy guest post to health-related guest-post sites can help your website get higher rankings in search engines. If your health site isn’t already using guest posting as a link-building technique, now is the time to get started.

You can’t spend an hour from research to writing a guest post because that kind of content rarely gets any attention. Use the following tips and you’ll be able to create a successful guest post. It gives you access to the most up-to-date list of guest posting sites. The software lets you track all of your guest post submissions. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of guest posting websites. It’s important to create quality content and post on authoritative websites, but you also need to create an optimized landing page to increase conversions.

Even big companies have long used guest posts to boost brand awareness on health guest post sites. Health guest posting is an effective digital marketing strategy to create brand awareness and off-page SEO. There are a few ways to pitch your health guest post, including pitching it to relevant health blogs and requesting approval before posting.

Thanks for the comprehensive list as I am finding some blogs to guest post as well. Hi Anil nice share, my site also accept guest blog post kindly update it into Technology Section. I just added some fashion blogs to this list that allows guest blogging.

The headline must reflect the content of the article. This is the set of 2-4 Words that you are going to optimize the article to rank on Google. It should pass our plagiarism checker with 0% plagiarized. Any images should be inserted into the article prior to submission.

In addition to driving referral traffic, health guest posts can position you as an expert in your industry. By submitting your article to a health-focused website, you’ll be able to increase brand awareness and introduce new readers to your content. It can also be beneficial for SEO, as guest posts can help you boost your search engine rankings. These sites usually rank higher than other sites in the health niche, so it’s essential to get your guest posts published on as many of them as possible. These sites can increase your domain authority and improve your search rankings. We accept only unique and informative content with a good readability score.

They are solely for education and informational purpose. It is advised to consult a registered medical practitioner for any health-related issues. We would love to publish your post on Lifebing whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned health expert, as long as your piece is snappy, clever, and intriguing. If you are ready to join our community of over 850 bloggers, contact us here with your piece. Get in touch with us and we can review what you have and maybe help you with a post on our dedicated lawyer blog. Not only that, it also helps you build your network and improve personal branding which all help you increase your search rankings in the long run.

You’ll be credited as the author and you’ll get your backlink. If you don’t like the final article, we will honor a takedown request, but you won’t get your money back. Also guest blogging is the best link building techniques that provides good referral traffic whether link is dofollow or nofollow for this strategies. That way others can easily skim through your content and digest your subject.

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