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If content is copied from anywhere and any incident of plagiarism will result in the exclusion of the writer without any questions asked. Notoriously, in the world of freelance writing, companies often disrespect writers and do not provide the treatment they deserve. For example, many unreliable companies offer a horribly low payment for university level papers, so their staff feels discouraged and decides to quit. Writing for money online is a hard job that involves plenty of skills and hours of your time, so if you really want to get a fair compensation for your effort, select our company. Are you a writer and looking for some of the best writing related sites where you can enhance your writing skills by also getting paid for your blog posts? Here are some of the best writing related sites that pay for posts.

Let’s assume that you write a book, and a publisher like Penguin Random-House or some such gives you a book deal. This in itself is a big deal if you’re a first-timer, as the industry has a rejection rate of 95% for manuscripts. Kiran Manral was a journalist previously and is now an independent research and media consultant. See our list of writing workshops in India to know more.


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I have not visited all of the sites yet but I am going to check them all one by one. Those are just a few of the many questions you should ask yourself. You need to know what your skills are, just like you need to know your talents. If you can combine those two elements together, you’ll have a way to start generating ideas for a business opportunity. Sites like that tend to have a small handful of users who are genuinely making money, the rest of us are just propping up the site with all our hard work and articles.

The best writers on Fiverr easily make more than $100 per article, so if that’s what you’re after, it’s a great place to start. Whether you’re a writer looking for established outlets to spread your word, or you’re a guest blogger looking to promote your brand and get traffic, you can get paid to do so. Rates begin at $150 to $250 for short articles in the Journal section ; $150 for business shorts ; $500 for columns ; and $700 for features .

Now I enjoy traffic with ease and joy because I know I have audience who will be reading. I have been using his writing services for sometimes now and he is the best so far. When you’re just getting started to make your own home business, you need to sit down and think.

If you’re a writer looking to get paid for your content, this list is invaluable. It’s the United States’ oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental group. Join many groups and post your service in the groups. Also, join all the content writing-related sites and there you’ll start getting your clients.

Even if they don’t pay you, you would get exposure that helps you fill out your resume. If you do well, then you will be able to point to those articles when talking to paying gig sites – they always ask for published samples. There are others, but none pay as good as this one. The support is great and you can call them with any issues. I recommend this only for writers with a strong background in writing academic essays.

Boddunan is an Indian website that has been gaining popularity among Indian writers for some time. Boddunan is a social networking site as well as an article writing platform. Each item is paid between Rs.25 and Rs.50 depending on its quality. Also, it is one of the best sites to write articles and earn money in India for students. Writersdepartment.com is the best site to write articles and earn money in India for students. You can earn money by assisting people in obtaining the content they require if you have great writing abilities and a penchant for conducting research on a wide range of topics.

There are a numerous websites are coming to the internet everyday and those sites needs fresh and unique contents. Writing articles online can provide you money and fame. Yes you are right there are a number of sites who are providing enough money for articles to add their site.

They also provides specific rates for every article they want to publish so you can write high quality contents around it by researching well. You can submit both shorter stories and features, which run about 2,500 words. The editors estimate a $500 payment for “a first feature from a new writer,” with the opportunity for higher earnings as your skills develop. If you’ve spent any time trying to publish poetry, you’re probably familiar with this publication. It’s the authority mag on poetry that publishes established and new writers.

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