Write For Us Environmental Know Important Guidelines!

We do not accept guest articles that discuss, promote or link to adult content, gambling websites or anything illegal. Please only submit articles that have not been published elsewhere. The internal and external links must be related to the topic, and don’t use illicit website links in the article. “Write for Us” + “Environment” articles can also raise awareness about the current state of the environment through interesting stories or in a conversational manner.


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If your article is under 750 words, include graphic visuals to enhance your talking points. Ultimately, we want our contributors to write about topics they know best. All interactions with our website are governed by our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Editorial Guidelines.

We are committed to giving you the creative freedom to produce the best content. Any image should be at least 1080 pixels in width and include a caption. List all the reference links and image sources at the end of the document. The article should have a proper introduction and conclusion.

A weekly forecaster provides the same analysis of a situation report, but it goes a step further by predicting the likely course of future events based on the current situation. These articles tend to come from veteran analysts who are able to leverage their experience and expertise to trace the future arc of history. Articles must take the form of situation reports, forecasts, backgrounders, or editorials that seek to analyze and predict the course of world events.

You will need to attribute data, quotations, and outside content correctly and clearly using relevant references in the article. The website of Hastebc welcomes writers and intelligent minds that may provide great writings on this topic. All the articles focusing on climate change can be acceptable. All articles are reviewed and might be edited by our team before being published.

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