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Please note that all posts are subject to an editorial fee. In order to protect it’s valuable online reputation, Blunt Therapy is highly selective about which articles it accepts for sponsored posting. We believe that this is important both for the reader and for the companies that wish to promote their services. The web is filled with spammy, low-value websites. We are certain you will appreciate our desire to maintain our reputation, as this will benefit you as well.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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When you write for us, your work gets seen and has the power to help a wide variety of people. We aim to get back to you within five days, but sometimes it can take a week. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a reply to every email. If the submission is urgent or timely, please make that clear. You should paste your article into the body of the email rather than sending it as an attachment. Don’t worry about the image as we will choose it for you.

We are looking for real and powerful stories. Here are some examples of other PERSONAL STORIES already published. We cannot publish every story we receive, we may ask for some edits, so your patience is appreciated. Roughly 95% of personal story writers are happy to include their name and photograph, 5% prefer to go anonymous. This is 100% the choice of the writer. Please think carefully before deciding to share your story.

Send us images you have taken or created that offer you comfort, solace, and calmness. We want our platform to be full of images that create a positive energy for those who look at them. A beautiful image can have incredibly positive effects on a person’s mood or stress levels.

Therefore, submissions should preferably be polished, pre-edited, and relevant to the mission of Muslimmatters. All submissions become the property of MuslimMatters; guest writers are free to publish the content on their own blogs three weeks after publication on MM. Platform to connect, explore, share knowledge and experiences with our peers and wider audience.

You’ll need to send through a 1 – 2 line bio along with your finished piece. Feel free to include any website or twitter handle etc. which we will then tag you with when putting on our social networks. The articles will be written in simple language so that a reader should not face any inconvenience of the meaning of the words while reading.

We aspire to be accessible to all and hope to publish as many as we can. Email this information to Please include “ARTICLE QUERY” in the subject line of your email. Write For Us + “Psychology” the writer has no right to publish the same article on another platform. Share a link to the article or audio experience you want us to repost or let us know a description of what you intend to write about.

It is so important to us to provide a space where kindness and acceptance aid individuals’ well-being journey. By kindly and gently delivering personal stories, suggestions, and tips, we strive to eliminate common barriers to well-being such as stigma, fear, and self-judgment. We are not a peer-reviewed academic journal, and we pride ourselves on our flexibility. You may use as few or as many words as you feel is essential for your article.

With over five million annual readers, Greater Good offers stories, tools, and tips for the general public, especially parents, educators, health professionals, business leaders, and policymakers. Any link in the body content must be to a relevant, high-quality blog post. Please submit your article to support blunt-therapy.com. You are well advised to contact our editor first at the same address with your article pitch.

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