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  • Microsoft’s Deal For Github Reflects Its Evolution

    Microsoft is frequently accused of utilizing anticompetitive ways and abusing its monopolistic energy. People who use their services usually end up changing into dependent on them, a course of is named vendor lock-in. Microsoft adopted the so-called “Pac-Man Logo,” designed by Scott Baker, in 1987. Microsoft’s emblem with the tagline “Your potential. Our passion.”—below the […]

  • Github’s New Privacy Policy Sparks Backlash Over Monitoring Cookies

    You can freely fix/change/remove/rework/update/… your commits afterwards. “Why are individuals getting so riled up when this change only impacts the Enterprise advertising subdomains? Makes no sense to me how this of all things is getting negative consideration,” commentedEvelyn Marie, a Rust and Android developer. Tornado Cash’s involvement in laundering the stolen funds from main assaults […]

  • Gitlab Backtracks On Deleting Inactive Tasks By Free Users

    It’s grouped by the commiter, not the creator, so results may be a bit confusing. For passing to a script, removing even the “oneline” format may be accomplished with an empty log format, and as commented by Jakub Narębski, –numstat is another various. It generates per-file quite than per-line statistics however is even simpler to […]