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Check out what our contributors have prepared for you. We do not accept article which has been published previously on other platforms. Make the content engaging and include new information that most websites have not covered. Moreover, plagiarism of the content is strictly prohibited. We welcome the topics like home security, personal security, cybersecurity, private security, and corporate security. Written art and your desire to contribute ideas on the web, most especially if it’s about security.

When readers attempt to share posts that have italicized words in the title, various bits of HTML code are included in auto-generated tweets. If you wish to join our community of contributors, feel free to send a pitch, including your topic, its thesis statement, a clear outline, and your authoritative sources. Credible and constantly updated blogs, such as CyberGrace, are now a go-to source for the latest tech news, insider insights, and even the occasional irreverent humor. If you are in the tech industry and would like to join our growing community of blog contributors, feel free to give it a go. We are always open to new ideas and insights from people who are working in technology. My Security Media is a well respected Media group in the Asia Pacific region.

As for any clarification that you might need, as to how the posts should be written – or just navigate through our pages and see how each post is structured. An extremely effective strategy for raising a website’s ranks is guest posting. This approach has been helping my blog’s search engine rating. Therefore, you should give guest blogging top priority while creating an SEO plan for your website. Writing content worth linking to is something we appreciate you doing in the future in your articles.

We will only consider posts related to the physical security or fire safety industries, and do not provide linkbacks for free. We will only link to an external site when it is of value to the reader in an editorial article. As long as your article passes our quality check, it will surely be published on our site and has the chance to be promoted on different social media channels. At Divergent Options we write using a specified format. Are you interested in assessing a national security situation and providing options to address it? Are you interested in assessing a national security situation only?

Bodies, and other official organizations can have long and convoluted titles. Groups or special rapporteurs have already adopted a shortened version of their longer titles, so you might look that up. Insert your links directly into the text instead of having them stand alone in parentheses; we will check them to make sure they work. Try to limit links to three or four words of text or fewer, and generally link to any given source only once in the post. If you need to link to a specific page within a PDF, we can help you do this.


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We only accept articles which are original, as duplicate copy on two websites is viewed negatively by search engines and helps no-one. Please make sure than any submissions are exclusive to our website. If we’re a bit slow to respond, apologies – we’re often inundated by such requests. You should hear within two weeks if it’s something we would like to follow up on. Yes, I have read and accepted the Privacy Policy and I accept the program rules, article licensing and article usage rights by ZEVENET.

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