On ‘General Hospital’ Austin May Be A Quartermaine Geeks

At the time, viewers knew Jimmy was additionally going after Jason’s trust fund. The plan, nonetheless, fell aside when Monica Quartermaine provided shelter for Jason. Keep reading if you’re interested in the particulars, background, and historical past of Jimmy Lee Holt on General Hospital. Celia was given a ultimatum by fiance Grant Putnam to choose on which man she needed – she selected Grant. A year later, Jimmy Lee kidnapped Celia on her marriage ceremony day to influence her to go away Grant however she refused and escaped. His primary plot was his involvement with Celia Quartermaine , his father’s cousin, making her his second cousin.

For extra about what’s coming up in Port Charles, check out all the newest that’s been posted on GH spoilers. But what if Charity left town…pregnant with Alan’s child? She might have confided in fellow farmer Jimmy Lee.

Recently outsider Valentin Cassadine weaseled his method into changing into the CEO of the household enterprise and now there may be a menace from yet another who has Q blood running in his veins. “Austin” was in the woods in Pawtauk and delivered Maxie’s child and has now made his method to Port Charles and appears very absorbed within the Q’s. There are many possibilities with this new General Hospital character. For now, not much is known about RoHo’s new position.

Jason manages to escape, solely to be hit by a automobile. He is introduced to General Hospital, and has a quantity of reconstructive surgical procedures to his face. Jason wakes up with amnesia, and is tended to by Elizabeth.

Let’s consider some clues as we think about the place the story would possibly go from right here. I just read up on a few of Jimmie Lee’s evil deeds. He was the explanation the Q’s went bankrupt and needed to transfer above Kelly’s Dinner. He conspired with Jason’s mom, Susan Moore and Lila’s ex husband Crane Toliver to claim Lila was not divorced. Crane killed Susan, and the papers went up in flames. Also he labored with Heather to boost Jason and get Quartermaine money.

It was probably in the late Nineteen Seventies or early Nineteen Eighties. I suppose he was interested in a Quartermaine niece who was engaged to a doctor Grant Putman. I assume Edward set Jimmie Lee up in a contracting enterprise. I also think Jimmie Lee who faulty materials within the tasks he worked on. I am sure someone else’s memory is better than mine on this matter.

The household was bankrupted and compelled to maneuver into the rooms above Kelly’s Diner. The company and family ultimately regained their fortune however left Jimmy out of the financial windfall. Meanwhile, in England, a man with amnesia noticed an article in an American newspaper telling the story of a spy utilizing Grant Putnam’s identity, per Soap Zone.

So, um, we’re going to let this image of incorrigible Brook Lynn in her pure habitat do it for us. Heck, having delivered Louise, he may even notice that duh — Bailey is her. After the Quartermaines went bankrupt quickly, Jimmy Lee and the rest of the household had to lease rooms over Kelly’s Diner, but they soon returned to the mansion. Jimmy Lee reconnected with Celia, who believed Grant was attempting to kill her, and they rekindled their romance and received engaged.

Will Austin show up on the board meeting and announce his true identification and will he vote for Valentin or Michael as new CEO of ELQ? Austin appears well off and owns property but if he is considered radiolysis one of the Q clan he would possibly resolve to take up residence in the household mansion. Jimmy Lee Holt arrived on the town in 1983 and was portrayed by Steve Bond.

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