Joshua Draper

So “Come on Down to the Stoney Ridge” and enjoy this family-friendly rural way of life channel, watch, dream and learn as he and his family live out their dream of unpolluted country life on the Stoney Ridge Farm. Today, Stoney Ridge Farm, a former tobacco farm that Josh and spouse Danielle are remodeling to a wonderful organic farm, contains several beehives, pastured poultry and eggs, and produce. The Drapers are working toward expanding their operation to soon embrace grass-fed beef.

Everybody that works with Josh also makes use of the LogOX, and every time they are operating the sawmill or doing work with firewood, it is a staple of the toolkit. As Josh says, it is not only a time-saver, however it’s also a again saver. “You know, I simply loved watching these other people, and what they have been doing, and I thought, I might do this, that’d be fun.”

Being a tall particular person, Josh explains there often already is the fear of again bother. So when contemplating what tools are the best for a sore back or to prevent an aching again, there isn’t a better reply than the LogOX 3-in-1. Josh additionally mentions how it’s been nice via LogOX to meet others locally with the same give consideration to high quality of life and high quality American-made instruments. “One day, I thought, you realize, folks would probably wish to know the way I’m doing this and what’s going on right here. So I started shooting videos. That was about six and a half years in the past, and the rest is historical past. I’m near 1100 movies at this point.” This month for our BlogOX function, we have fun a rural lifestyle with Josh from Stoney Ridge Farmer in North Carolina.

Every day that Josh wasn’t working as a nurse, he was building and filming what sort of work he was doing on the farm. He would work as a nurse for 3 days every week, and then the opposite four he would build and film videos. When Josh finished college, he started working together with his diploma, however he knew he wasn’t quite where he needed to be. As Josh grew up within the nation utilizing chainsaws and gathering firewood he missed that aspect of life.

In 1995 he graduated high school in Southwest Virginia and went on to join for the US Air Force where he served four years as an electrician and lineman serving and training with the elite Naval group often known as the SeaBees. After serving 4+ years of military responsibility stationed at Hill AF Base in Ogden Utah, Joshua started a small development firm with an old truck and $200 value of used instruments and began transforming houses, motels and office buildings. In this video, we begin by taking a glance at what Josh did mistaken in installing his shingle roof the primary time. Luke then walks us by way of what a correct shingle roof substitute will entail for Josh’s farm house. The dialog starts on top of Josh’s roof, after which strikes to the Skywalker Roofing workshop. Luke talks more concerning the respective advantages of both shingle roofing and standing seam metal roofing, after which he takes the time to show how each kinds of roofing techniques ought to be properly put in.

There are a lot of key takeaways from our dialog with Josh, which makes sense as he’s a creator who dedicates his time to giving perception, inspiration, and data to those involved. From homesteading, farming, and even just these looking to save their back while doing manual labor like slicing firewood he is an incredible resource on this industry. The place that I bought here was a really worn-out old tobacco farm with no vitamins within the soil, and I’m slowly bringing it back.

So now I’m an advocate for farmers and advocate for veterans. I’m the go-to man for folk that want to buy a crappy piece of land and construct it. Then on the content material aspect of it, Josh says he seems to supply a bit of an escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

So we purchased it and we proceed to begin out clearing land and in the meantime 90 acres across the road came for sale. It was a brushy mess also with slightly little divorce be act selflove bit of timber on it. And lo and behold 40 acres got here up on the market right beside it. Now we’re near 200 acres of land and we’ve been clearing new pastures and constructing fences and chasing the dream.

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