How To Write an Article for the DigitalOcean Community

Our article templates have this structure already written for you in Markdown, and we encourage you to use these templates as a starting point for your own articles. We also have a technical best practices guide outlining our tech-focused recommendations. The typical payout for new tutorial content from Community authors will increase to $300, to be paid either via PayPal or as DO credit.

If I complain about mail server, they respond “we suggest you to use external service providers”. We are so sorry to hear about issues encountered with your account getting locked. There are a lot of other providers who really cares about their customers. InterviewI first met with a recruiter, who led with a lot of information that, in the past, has only been provided in the final interview step , which was incredibly refreshing. After, I met with the hiring manager, who provided an overview of the position and an assessment to complete. Following that, I met with three of my future teammates as a panel interview, which was a lot of fun.

It took a lot of work in a compressed time frame but it seemed the effort was paying off! They liked me and said the next step in the hiring process was to schedule a trial day, where I would come into the office and do a day of work. DigitalOcean provides several different cloud services, ranging from cloud compute to storage to hosted services.

We’re going to write a very basic Rust program because the Rust toolchain is very easy to set up. The last thing we did above is create a directory into which we will add our new application code. In VS Code, chose Open Folder from the File menu, and navigate to the spin-test folder we created above. When creating microservices, sometimes it’s nice to quickly get going with a publicly available server.

However, you can submit your existing tutorial as your writing sample when you apply to write with us. Once your article is ready for publication, we’ll publish the tutorial, send you the link, and process your payment. Your editor will then encourage you to submit another tutorial idea.


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We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation. Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. Labeled Verified, they’re about genuine experiences. Sure every company has some hiccups / downtime but it’s minimal on DO.

And with Cloudways you can easily enable/disable Block Storage without any problem. For help, do check out this tutorial on how to do it. We have 55+ data centers around the globe, so the best managed DigitalOcean server is within your reach.

You must be wondering how much will you will get for doing such hard work. Digitalocean offers a decent payment package for contributors, $200 for full length articles and $100 for short tutorials and articles. The exact word length requirements will be conveyed to you once you are approved. You can also claim the payment as Hosting credits if you want to use the services that they are offering. So if you don’t have a Paypal account then you should arrange one immediately after you are approved to write for them.

Our articles are written to be as clear and detailed as possible without making assumptions about the reader’s background knowledge. We are actively seeking feedback to inform the full release of the the new Write for DOnations program. Check out the program’s FAQ page for more details, and please share any questions or comments about the Write for DOnations beta launch in the comments below or reach out to us directly at I have been using another VPS provider and am happily taking DO for a spin. This style guide shows why—it’s been made a priority. One thing I am wondering…the figures are really clear.

We love DO’s core compute service because it is so easy to create, manage, and maintain your own virtual machines, called Droplets. If you don’t have the time to write an article that may not be published on CSS-Tricks, we totally understand, but we can’t commit to publishing anything without seeing a complete draft. If you’d like to send in a shorter pitch instead, to get a signal on if the idea is worth pursuing, that’s fine, but no publishing decision will be made until a complete draft is in. You’ll need to write the article to the best of your ability upfront to provide a sense of your writing style, concept, and professional acumen. There will be an editing process that happens after that. DigitalOcean is a cloud-based hosting provider that offers both free and paid plans.

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