How I Became A Hallmark Greeting Card Writer

If you can take a trope and spin it in a fresh way, all the better. The Convenient Groom is, of course, a modern-day marriage of convenience story,” she adds. There have been many authors who have been able to turn their rom-coms into Hallmark movies, so it only makes sense to turn to them for some advice. Denise Hunter’s novel The Convenient Groom made it to Hallmark. It’s about a young celebrity marriage counselor that gets left at the altar of her own highly publicized wedding. I do have at least one good novel in me, I think, but I’m not sure when if ever I’ll make the time to grind it out.


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If full-on letters feel like too much, “Keep it simple. Start with maybe a quick note in the mail and then see where that goes. Or if you’re traveling, send a postcard and get started on that.” The Book Girls’ Guide – a resource for all things books – is a collaboration between two friends, Angela & Melissa , who want to share their love of reading with the world. You can find more from Angela at Blue i Style and more from Melissa at Polished Habitat.

Don’t deny it, you’ve seen plenty Hallmark holiday movies. As I said, we only started releasing original fiction in fall 2018, and already, one of our books is going into development and will probably air as a 2019 Countdown to Christmas movie. Not all books will become Hallmark movies, but we expect that several will. I’m taking advantage of the fact that I have more time right now for blogging and writing. (I’m writing this on a Monday morning, and I actually got up at 4 a.m. to start working!) I’m finishing up the second edition of Master Lists for Writers. It’s getting bigger, and also cleaner, so it will be appropriate for younger writers, too.

If you’ve been to a wedding, baby shower, funeral, or birthday party in the last 13 years, you’ve probably crossed paths with Melvina Young ’90, MS’92, PhDx’07. She’s a quiet party presence — she usually arrives hidden in an envelope — but Young’s voice always leaves a heartfelt impression on the guests of honor. A post-graduate internship at Hallmark led to a full-time job at the company in September 2008.

And just like any great greeting card, being specific in your personal writing will help create a fuller picture that better reflects your story and your relationship with the reader. This book is different from the novels on the list, but we couldn’t resist sharing it with you. It includes over 50 holiday recipes by Hallmark Christmas movie stars, but that’s just the beginning. You’ll also get gift-wrapping ideas AND a guide to hosting a fun watch party with your friends. Novelist Robin Jones Gunn began writing her second Christmas novella, she had already published fifty books in her decades-long career as a fiction writer. When Robin’s editor asked her to rewrite the book to include an element of romance, she leaned into the skills she’d honed as a professional writer and produced a fresh manuscript.

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