Ez Cuff Nylon Restraint, Single Or Double Loop, 1 2″ X 22″ Long

ASP Tri-Fold pull rings are sturdy and reusable. They are designed to securely maintain all ASP Tri-Fold restraints in a prepared place on key rings, belt loops or on carabiner attachments permitting for a faster deployment. The Tri-Fold pull rings are a handy attachment additionally they provide a firm grip when restraining hostile topics. The ASP Tri-Fold restraint carry case is a handy add on which fits two Tri-Fold restraints in position for quick and simple deployment when you want it most.

Featuring spring assist lever motion for extra easy one handed operation the ASP scarab cutter has bee… ASP Tri-Fold disposable restraints are compact and easily carried, they are stronger, more decide resistant and easier to take away than any other disposable restraint. All ASP Tri-Fold restraints open to outsized loops of unbelievable power they are rapidly applied and specifically designed to law enforcement standards,…

Tuff-Ties are an amazingly efficient various to cable ties. Tuff-Ties are manufactured from braided nylon twine with a reinforced poly-carbonate locking block, they are very secure and practically indestructible. Extremely compact, Tuff-Ties can be carried in your pocket or stashed in the bottom of your handcuff case.

The ASP Tri-Fold restraint carry case with Scarab cutter is a handy add on which inserts two Tri-Fold restraints and cutter in position for quick and simple deployment whenever you want it most. The injection moulded open top plastic body is light-weight and the adjustable belt width system clips on easily without eradicating… ASP Tri-Fold disposable coaching restraints are equivalent to their operational counterparts. They could be cased, carried and introduced in the identical method as their tactical twin. Rapidly applied and particularly designed to law enforcement standards, their extensive brightly colored straps have no sharp edges.

Rubber helps stop the stress cracking frequent with nylon zip ties when exposed to chilly, heat or folding / creasing. Superior shelf life is an additional advantage with Cobra Cuffs as a outcome of our special polymer method resists brittleness so well. Therefore we provide a minimum 5-Year Quality Guarantee for all colors of Cobra Cuffs. Close the door on squad automobile damage and injuries. Nylon management straps are made from 6000# tensile strength heavy obligation net. The NCS-300 is out there with hook and loop closure while the NCS-900 has a spring buckle.

When transporting high-risk prisoners, detaining a suspect or making an arrest, it is necessary that cops have the suitable handcuff and restraints out there. Galls is proud to offer over 160 completely different types of restraints, including transport restraints, leg irons, metal handcuffs and cuff holders. The tactical benefit in absolutely assembled Cobra Cuffs may be present in no other disposable restraint allowing quick control by the officer. Plastic handcuffs are a type of bodily restraint for the arms, utilizing plastic straps. They operate as handcuffs but are cheaper and easier to carry than metallic handcuffs, they usually can’t be reused. The Tuff-Cutter Cutting Tool for Tuff-Ties contains a fast – 1 second release.

It is made from a high tensile power nylon that’s superior to standard plastics. MAX-CUFF has been tested and confirmed to be a superior restraint. NON-INJURIOUS TO PRISONERS- Less versatile plastic cable ties have distinct edges which could find bonsai cypress trees yourself in self inflicted harm by a struggling prisoner. TUFF-TIES are soft, versatile, have no sharp edges, and conform to the contours of the wrist.

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