Dram Cell With Double-gate Fin-fet, Dram Cell Array And Fabrication Methodology Thereof Nanya Technology Corp

MakrisWe focus on a non-intrusive methodology for concurrent error detection in FSMs. The proposed method is based on compaction and monitoring of the state/output bits of an FSM by way of parity timber. While errors could affect more than one state/output bit, not all combos of state/output bits represent potential erroneous instances for a given fault model.

For the media processing utility domain we current an structure mannequin and corresponding mapping model that meet these requirements higher than beforehand proposed models. A case research illustrates this improvement. Runtime Code Parallelization for On-Chip Multiprocessors [p. Kandemir, W. Zhang, and M. KarakoyChip multiprocessing (or multiprocessor system-on-a-chip) is a way that mixes two or more processor cores on a single piece of silicon to boost computing efficiency.

EinwichThis paper presents and discusses the foundations on which the analog and mixed-signal extensions of SystemC, named SystemC-AMS, shall be developed. First, necessities from targeted utility domains are recognized. These are then used to derive design goals and associated rationales. Finally, some preliminary seed work is offered and the define of the analog and mixed-signal extensions improvement work is given. Formal Semantics of Synchronous SystemC [p. SalemIn this article, a denotational definition of synchronous subset of SystemC is proposed.

As illustrated in FIG. 1B, a gate spacer 145 may be disposed on the sidewall of the gate electrode one hundred ushowell mit technology… thirty. The heavily doped diffusion contact area sixty two could act as a source or drain of the DRAM cell.

Application of the methodology on benchmark circuits demonstrates clock tree topologies with decreased delay uncertainties of up to 90%. Techniques to reinforce a clock tree layout have been utilized on a set of benchmark circuits, yielding a reduction in delay uncertainty of as a lot as 48%. The semiconductor gadget of claim 15, a width of the protruding portion within the first direction lower than a width of the recessed portion in the first direction. The semiconductor device of claim 10, a width of the protruding portion in the first course lower than a width of the recessed portion within the first course. The semiconductor device of declare 7, wherein a width of the primary hole tabs within the first path are equal to a width of a non-tab portion of the recess trench within the first direction.

This diverse employee base was partially assembled from acquisitions together with Elpida, Rexchip, and Inotera. Prior to the Elpida/Rexchip acquisition, Micron was working on one future DRAM course of node at a time. With the acquisition of Elpida, Micron had to figure out the means to make use of each sets of ongoing research, shifting Inotera to 30nm with Micron’s R&D, and Elpida to 25nm with Elpida’s R&D. The transistor construction based on declare sixteen wherein the fin channel construction has a fin channel width of about 20 nm.

PedramPredicting the residual power of the battery source that powers a conveyable digital device is type of essential in designing and employing an efficient dynamic energy administration policy within the system. This paper presents a closed-form analytical model for predicting the remaining capability of a lithium-ion battery. The proposed high-level model relies on online current and voltage measurements and, on the same time, correctly accounts for the temperature and cycle growing older results. The accuracy of the high-level model is validated by evaluating our analytical mannequin with the Dualfoil simulation outcomes , demonstrating 5% error between simulated and predicted knowledge.

Current leakage between first and second bit strains of the take a look at gadget indicates that current leakage exists between the deep trench capacitors within the reminiscence region. According to these embodiments, the width of the energetic area within the X2 path may be elevated by the inclusion of the tab 410′. Accordingly, the widths of the recess trench 420 and the recessed portion 430 a of the gate electrode 430 within the X2 course may be elevated.

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