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The first exposure to travel is often as a teen and college student, and an experience overseas is therefore often all the more intense and transformational. First-hand reports on a travel-to-learn or study abroad experiences or programs relating to cultural history, musical studies, archeology, or Eco-friendly safari tours. The section may include cultural immersion experiences that travelers would find difficult to organize or learn on their own. Sightseeing or destination travel writing submissions that focus on what to see rather than on direct contact with the land, culture and people hosting you. Either journalistic or an experienced conversational writing style. Being able to adjust to your new environment and culture is perhaps one of the most important facets of your experience abroad.


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Here’s a list of 20 most reliable websites that pay you to write across different genres and categories. Edible Seattle is run by food aware, health-conscious, local food eaters, and creative cooks. Its mission is to support, educate, and cater to the foodie and community.

They are looking for freelance contributors who want to write digital content, travel news and guidebooks. Pitches must cover foot-based travel, wilderness or backcountry experiences and advice. This publication for RV enthusiasts wants travel stories covering all aspects of the RV lifestyle, including travel destinations, activities and events and more. The travel section of the Los Angeles Times looks for pieces with a strong visual component.

The content range is vast, and so are your chances of getting published. The pay differs based on the topic and article type, but writers usually receive$50-$200 per submission. Since the website is unlike your regular travel blog, the article needs to follow a particular writing style to get published.

Global competency is a key to success in today’s job market. It is imperative to be “globally ready” to compete in a demanding, constantly changing global economy. You should be ready to take stock of your experiences and understand how to translate these into tangible evidence of your competencies both on your cover letter and resume as well as during an interview. Try to stay in touch with friends you made while abroad. When you return from your study abroad experience you will be a different person.

Share tips you’ve learned, new discoveries in your field of expertise, resolutions to problems you’ve solved, etc. Felix von Wendorff studies econometrics as an international student at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. He grew up in California and moved to Germany to take advantage of the great education system.

Below you’ll find information on integrating your international experience in the job search or on graduate/professional school applications. There are many ways of ‘returning’ — if not to the same country, then to another. Perhaps you are seeking volunteer work or teaching opportunities abroad. Maybe you’re qualified for a graduate fellowship, such as a Fulbright, Marshall or Watson. Or maybe you would like to do graduate or professional school work, earning a degree from a university in another country. For information on study and work opportunities abroad, contact CIE or the Career Development Center.

The pros and cons of particular jobs around the world. First-hand reports on how to do this and more are welcome, as are thematic articles by interns. Discussions about issues such as volunteer vacations, and how they impacted you and the host community in a meaningful manner. Any theme or country-related theme you think would be valuable to others who wish to volunteer overseas. Tell us what you think are the top countries to teach English, provided you have worked in more than one. As always, the inclusion of annotated links and resources useful for others are greatly appreciated and increase the likelihood of publication.

The book requires you to write a funny, heartwarming, or exciting story in first-person narrative. The site also pays to create charts, infographics, memes, and more. What Culture offers entertainment coverage, news, and opinions to millions of users each month. This UK-based magazine famously covers the popular zeitgeist around the world. Submissions will be considered made by an authorized account holder of the email address submitted at time of entry.

Every website has a different lead-time because they get tons of submissions and queries, they do not reply to individual requests. They ask the authors to be patient and wait for their reply. However, most websites ask for follow-up in a week or two. In case they reject your pitch, work on it and send it again unless stated otherwise. The guidelines clearly mention the type of pitching format they accept, the details required, and ways to submit your pitch. Every website has a different set of guidelines, however, here are some of the common ways to use the list of websites mentioned in this article.

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