All that you wanted to know about fixie bikes

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Fixed gear bicycles, also known as fixie bikes are bicycles that have their drive-trains with only one gear. This gear is attached to the rear wheel of the bike which means you cannot really coast and have to keep pedaling every time the bike is moving. In the following section, we will give you a detailed insight on these bikes.

What exactly is a fixie bike?

Well, to put it simply, fixie bike refers to those bikes which have their cog tied to the pedal’s motion. Let me elucidate a bit. You must be aware of the small little gear like structure attached to the back wheel of your bike? If you notice closely, you will find that this part has teeth over it and the chain is likely to rotate in and around it. This is the cog. Unlike a conventional bike, these bikes or fixed gear bikes do not have any bearing with them and that gear like structure is attached to the back wheel. In a conventional bike, these cogs would come with a specific system for bearing the balls. This would help the wheel to spin without the help of the cog. However, this isn’t the case on a fixed gear bike.

In a fixie bike, you will move forward when you pedal forward and move backward when you pedal backwards. You might be wondering why exactly I would be looking forward to ride something of that sort?

Well, this type of bike is widely popular because of its complete simplicity. It is indeed difficult to build a bike with fewer parts. And a bike with fewer parts simply indicates that it is lighter.

What’s special about the fixie bikes?

Well, the fixed gear bikes are relatively lighter than the 9 speed bikes. Their structure, look and feel is entirely different. These bikes are not for show either. When you ride on a fixed bike, your maneuverability automatically improved. It is also a fun thing to do for most people. If you love riding bikes and are a bike enthusiast, this is the kind of bike where you should invest in. When you ride it, you somehow feel attached to it. This is also because the pedals of the bike are directly tied to the wheel’s movement. When the wheel and the pedal are designed this way, you end up feeling much more connection than you would have felt on a single speed bike. It is as if, you are already a part of the bike.

Another thing that makes these bikes special other than the lightness and the superior maneuverability is the efficiency. The fixed gear bikes are much more mechanically efficient than any other conventional bike. It directly transfers power from the rider to the bike’s wheels. Here, by efficiency we are implying energy and calling these bikes efficient simply means that the bikes will require relatively lesser energy from your end. Maintaining these bikes is also relatively easier because they have fewer parts.

So if you are really looking forward to enjoy an amazing and worthwhile experience from your bike, then investing in a fixed gear bicycle can be a great idea.